Periodontal disease in feral pigs (Sus scrofa) from Queensland, Australia

Periodontal lesions were present in 26 of 107 feral pigs (Sus scrofa) that were shot in southern Queensland. The severity of the lesions varied from gingivitis to extensive destruction of the alveolus and its contents. Examination of slaughtered domestic pigs revealed a similar prevalence of lesions (12 of 52). Only cheek teeth were affected, and molars were affected more frequently than premolars. In both feral and domestic pigs, prevalence of periodontal disease affecting bone increased with age. Although periodontal disease is recognized as a common and often serious problem in many mammalian species, both domestic and wild, it has rarely been recorded in the pig. It is considered that the most severe lesions would have interfered with mastication but that the contribution of the disease to mortality of feral pigs in Australia is probably not great.

Author Samuel, J. L. and Woodall, P. F.
Year 1988
Secondary title Journal of Wildlife Diseases
Volume 24
Number 2
Publisher Wildlife Disease Association
Pages 201-206
Region QLD