Overview of Techniques for Reducing Bird Predation at Aquaculture Facilities

Bird predation can have a significant economic impact on aquaculture operations. Birds may also negatively affect aquaculture production by transmitting or transporting diseases, weed seeds, and parasites from pond to pond or from one facility to another.

A wide variety of birds are known to frequent aquaculture facilities. The presence of birds at a facility, however, does not necessarily mean a predation problem exists. Many bird species benefit from associating with aquaculture facilities and can exist there without interfering with fish production. Thus, proper
identification of bird species is important to recognizing damage and taking responsible action, when necessary.

This bulletin provides information on techniques that are currently available for reducing bird damage. There are no simple solutions to all aquaculture predation problems. In most cases, a combination of techniques will be needed to reduce or eliminate the problem. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide guidance to public and private aquaculture facilities operators and owners throughout North America.

Author Kimberly S. Curtis, William C. Pitt, and Michael R. Conover
Year 1996
Place published Logan, Utah USA
Publisher Berryman Institute
Pages 26
Links https://www.berrymaninstitute.org/pdf/birdpre.pdf