Note on seasonal changes in population density of feral pigs in three tropical habitats

Indices of population density of feral pigs were estimated in each of three tropical habitats in two seasons. The seasons were late dry and mid-wet, and the habitats were open floodplain, paperbark swamp and Eucalyptus woodland. Density indices were obtained by aerial survey. There were significant differences in density indices between seasons within habitats, with observed densities ranging from zero in the woodland in the dry season to 10.9 pigs km-2 in paperbark swamps in the dry season. The pigs appeared to move between open floodplain and paperbark swamp mainly in response to seasonal flooding.

Author Hone, J.
Date null
Year 1990
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 17
Number 2
Institution University of Canberra
Pages 131-134
Notes Notes
Region Australia - national