Natural Resource Management on Australian Farms, 2006-07

This publication presents estimates compiled from the second survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics dedicated to Natural Resource Management (NRM).

The survey asked managers of agricultural businesses to identify the extent and type of weed, pest, and land and soil problems present on their land, and the activities they undertook to prevent or manage them. It also asked managers of agricultural businesses to provide details of the costs and effort spent on addressing these problems.

The results provide an important perspective into NRM activities and problems occurring on Australian agricultural businesses during 2006-07. Chapter 3 relates to pests (including insect pests). Headline findings for 2006-07 are:

* 70.4% of ag businesses reported they had a pest problem, with presence of feral and domestic animals reports as the most commonly reported pest type (76.7%)
* Ag businesses spent $768M on pest management, or $6351 per business
* More than 3.1 million person days were spent nationally doing pest related management activities
* Landholders spent 26 days per year on average on pest control (National average)
* 33.5% of ag business did baiting on average nationaly. 57% did shooting/trapping and 7% did biological control..

Author Australian Bureau of Statistics
Date 25/06/2008
Year 2008
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Department Australian Bureau of Statistics
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