The activities in the National Wild Dog Action Plan 2014-2019 are delivered by the Wild Dog Management Projects Stages 1 and 2. The activities will improve wild dog management across Australia by promoting a common and collaborative approach (including nil-tenure management) to wild dog management, by supporting land managers to gain relevant skills in wild dog management, and making information on tools and techniques for wild dog management more accessible.


  1. National coordination, consultation and communications
  2. Securing investment partners for the Plan’s future activities from 2017 to 2019
  3. Community-led wild dog management in areas where problems are escalating or emerging
  4. Providing land and pest managers with current skills for wild dog management
  5. Updating and distributing existing information and developing new resources for land managers and the community
  6. Nationally agreed data collection and evaluation to standardis measures for wild dog control


  1. A robust governance and consultative framework with diverse stakeholder membership of the Implementation Steering Committee, Stakeholder Consultative Group and Working Groups covering Training and Extension, Communications and Engagement, Investment and Collaboration, Research and Development and Metrics
  2. Improved alignment of state wild dog management strategies with the National Wild Dog Action Plan
  3. A skill set in wild dog management identified and piloted for professional pest animal controllers
  4. Current PestSmart Connect resources available
  5. A Research and Development gap analysis promoted to funding and supporting organisations
  6. Investment collaboration valued at $209,500 ($94,500 cash contribution) enhanced the consultation processes, training and extension activities and initiated the development of standardised measures

The National Wild Dog Action Plan is an industry initiative endorsed by Government.

Last updated: August 9, 2017