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  • The wild dog problem in suburbia - Wild dogs are not just a rural problem, and can also be rife on the urban fringe – attacking native wildlife such as koalas, family pets and livestock. As urban residents are […]
  • Cluster fencing keeping wild dogs out - 29 August 2017 The National Wild Dog Action Plan in collaboration with the Remote Area Planning & Development Board (RAPAD) have released a new video highlighting the success of the […]
  • Wild dog management champions making local impacts - With an urgent need to take strong action on the wild dog problem in Australia, the National Wild Dog Action Plan welcomes continued support of wild dog control activities through […]
  • NWDAP Communiqué 25 - May 2017 | Edition 2017 / 3 National Wild Dog Action Plan steering committee update With stage 2 of the National Wild Dog Action Plan due to finish on June 30, the steering committee […]
  • Celebrating the life of a true wild dog control advocate - 10/05/17 Members of the National Wild Dog Action Plan stakeholder group have joined their voices in celebrating the life of Michele Jackson who recently passed away from an ongoing battle […]
  • NWDAP Communiqué 24 - April 2017 | Edition 2017 / 2 Stakeholder Consultative Group Forum update The Stakeholder Consultative Group met in Brisbane on February 28th and March 1st, to discuss proposals for the next two […]
  • Heart leaf poison bush (gastrolobium grandiflorum) Natural Australian toxin protecting plants and wildlife from predators - Many people are unaware that the poison 1080 (also called sodium fluoroacetate) is the most environmentally sensitive and target-specific poison available to protect Australia’s vulnerable wildlife and ecosystems from feral animals, because it occurs naturally in over 30 species of Australian native plants.
  • Bridled nailtail wallaby Dingo diets do not discriminate - By The National Wild Dog Action Plan The National Wild Dog Action Plan strategically assists communities in controlling wild dogs, encouraging local people to work together on wild dog control […]
  • First Training Pilot completed for Pest Animal Controllers - Through the National Wild Dog Action Plan a project has been commissioned to identify national requirements and standards for those wishing to work as Pest Animal Controllers. Three pilot training […]
  • NWDAP Communiqué 23 - January 2017 | Edition 2017 / 1 Stakeholder Consultative Group upcoming forum Geoff Power, Chair of the SCG, invites NWDAP participant organisations to attend the next NWDAP forum at the […]
  • NWDAP Communiqué 22 - December 2016 | Edition 2016 / 5 New Training Video – Canid Pest Ejectors (CPE) Thanks to NWDAP funding allocated to creating and updating training and best practice videos, a […]
  • NWDAP Communiqué 21 - August 2016 | Edition 2016 / 4 Stakeholder Consultative Group Forum The forum for stakeholders involved in the National Wild Dog Action Plan (NWDAP) was held in Sydney on Thursday […]
  • NWDAP Communiqué 20 - June 2016 | Edition 2016 – 3 News from the Implementation Steering Committee Michael McCormack chaired a teleconference of the Implementation Steering Committee on 31st May 2016 in the absence […]
  • Communities winning the war against wild dogs - Collaboration within communities and the targeted use of new and old control methods is helping land managers win the war against wild dogs by reducing stress to farmers, enhancing productivity […]
  • ABC Landline: Feature on wild dogs - A special feature on ABCs Landline Program highlighted the current state of play in some areas of Australia regarding wild dogs and control measures. WATCH THE SEGMENT  One of the goals for the National […]
  • Collaborative effort welcomed in Queensland wild dog management - The National Wild Dog Action Plan (NWDAP) welcomes the recent announcement of a joint Australian-Queensland Government offer of more than $5.2 million to assist landholders in Central Western Queensland to […]

The National Wild Dog Action Plan is an industry initiative endorsed by Government.


Last updated: August 9, 2017