National guidelines and research priorities for managing pest birds

There are over 100 bird species from Australia and New Zealand that can cause significant losses to fruit, nut, grain, rice and aquaculture industries, create conflicts in urban areas, damage infrastructure, reduce aesthetic values, and pose risks to the environment and to human health. Despite numerous concerns raised by industry and the general public there is very little objective advice and few simple, universally applicable solutions available. Pest bird research programs have traditionally received limited funding and lacked the capacity to comprehensively assist with management decisions where problems occur. Cooperation between federal, state and local government, universities, private organisations and industry is imperative to ensure practical solutions are pursued and limited resources are used effectively. We support the need for national guidelines for managing pest birds and propose future directions for research. To allow land managers to effectively manage pest birds, support is needed to improve our ability to predict patterns of bird movements and damage, assist in economic decision-making, improve the adoption of strategic management, reconcile legislation and responsibilities for managing pest birds and increase the cooperation and commitment by industry and government. Although specifically aimed at reducing the impacts of birds to Australian horticulture, the principles, strategies, management techniques and research directions proposed in the draft national guidelines are applicable for dealing with most pest bird situations in Australasia. The initiatives adopted to encourage cooperation between organisations and to ensure direct involvement by land managers are discussed.

Author Tracey, J., Bomford, M., Hart, Q., Saunders, G. and Sinclair, R.
Date 2005-05-02
Year 2005
Secondary title 13th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference
Place published Wellington, NZ
Publisher Landcare Research
Institution NSW Department of Primary Industries
Pages 212-216
Region Australia - national
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