National Feral Animal Control Program Projects

The National Feral Animal Control Program (NFACP) has been established under the Australian Government’s Natural Heritage Trust to develop and implement, in cooperation with State, Territory and Local Governments, a program to reduce the damage to agriculture caused by pest animals.

The focus of NFACP is applied research/demonstration projects which are likely to have a direct link to improved pest management at the property level. NFACP will generally not support pure background research (e.g. ecology/biology of pest animals).

As NFACP is a national program under the Natural Heritage Trust, only projects addressing pest management issues of national significance are likely to be considered. Research and management approaches supported under NFACP must have relevance beyond the project area and results are to be disseminated widely at the end of the project.

Research projects are expected to have sound experimental design and analysis methodology, including the incorporation of monitoring frameworks which will allow the nature and value of pest impact reduction resulting from management to be quantified.

Author Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
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Year 2005
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