Mouse Census Week – Special Update

Thanks to everyone who recorded mouse activity and damage on their farm during National Mouse Census week. Your contributions resulted in over 100 new records in just one week!

Let’s not stop there! If you haven’t already, report mouse activity and damage using MouseAlert. The more observations provided, the better the forecasts of mouse plagues! So please encourage others to also report. Even if you don’t see any mice, please report their absence.

You can report any time on your smartphone/tablet (download at or on your computer ( MouseAlert will be available for Android soon.

You can also use MouseAlert to check what other mouse activity is being reported locally and regionally.

And you can follow updates on Twitter: @MouseAlert.

Below is a brief update on your observations of mice across the crop-growing region of Australia.

Mapping mouse abundance using YOUR records

Observations of mice from growers and agronomists across Australia using MouseAlert provided a ‘snapshot’ of mouse activity in the crop-growing region of the country (Map 1 below). These observations are a good match to reports from detailed mouse monitoring obtained during March (Map 2; also see the Mouse Monitoring April Update #6).

Localised ‘hotspots’ of mouse activity are visible in both maps. Observations in MouseAlert extended the coverage of real-time monitoring of mouse activity across Australia in just one week!

MouseCensus_data  CensusUpdate_map2

Future activities

  • We are working hard on upgrading models for predicting mouse plagues. MouseAlert information is vital for these improvements.
  • Monitoring is scheduled for winter (June 2015) and spring (September-October 2015). We hope you can continue to report observations of mouse activity and damage using

Further information

This is part of a 3-year study funded by the GRDC to monitor mouse populations and forecast the likelihood of mouse outbreaks. The project is a collaboration between Landcare Research (NZ), CSIRO Agriculture Flagship and the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre. Contact or for further information.

Year 2015

Mouse Census Week - Special Update, April 2015   [ 875kb PDF ]