Maximising the conservation benefits of the commercial goat industry in Australia

The Department of the Environment and Heritage (DEH) has published a Threat Abatement Plan for feral goats (Capra hircus) (Environment Australia 1999). That plan aims to “prevent feral goats from occupying new areas in Australia” and “ensure that development of a commercial goat industry does not compromise conservation of native species or ecological communities”. In 2003, DEH commissioned the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria) to review aspects of the commercial goat industry, and that for feral pigs (Sus scrofa), with respect to maximising its potential benefits for biodiversity conservation in Australia.

Author Forsyth, D. M. and Parkes, J. P.
Date 06/01/2004
Year 2004
Place published City
Publisher Department of the Environment and Water Resources
Pages 79
Notes Notes
Control method Harvest
Region Australia - national