Managing Vertebrate Pests: Rabbits

The rabbit is Australia’s most damaging pest animal. Rabbits are a complex management problem because they are widespread, often in relatively inaccessible country where they are difficult and expensive to control, and are a major economic and environmental pest. Little is known about the relative effectiveness of techniques used to control rabbit damage.

This book gives a comprehensive review of the history of rabbits in Australia, their biology, the damage they cause, and past and current management. It examines the attitudes of animal welfare groups, commercial, recreational and Aboriginal people harvesting rabbits, and other interest groups. The authors recommend management techniques and strategies for control, using four case studies, and identify deficiencies in knowledge, management and legislation.

The book is an essential guide for policy makers, farmers and other land managers, and all those interested in rabbit management.

Author Williams, K., Parer, I. Coman, B., Burley, J. and Braysher, M
Date null
Year 1995
Place published City
Publisher Bureau of Rural Sciences
Institution Bureau of Rural Sciences
Notes Notes
Region Australia - national

Managing vertebrate pests: Rabbits [PDF download]