Managing the Impacts of Dingoes and Other Wild Dogs

BRSDogsManaging the Impacts of Dingoes and Other Wild Dogs is the first book to provide a comprehensive review of the history and biology of wild dogs in Australia, the damage they cause and community attitudes towards their management.

Australia’s wild dogs include dingoes, introduced around 4000 years ago, feral domestic dogs and hybrids between the two. They are widely distributed throughout Australia. Predation and harassment of stock by wild dogs causes millions of dollars worth of losses to Australian sheep, cattle and goat producers each year. There are also opportunity costs in areas where sheep are not grazed because of the high risk of wild dog predation. For this reason, wild dog control is a significant expense for many pastoralists and government agencies. Yet conservation of pure dingoes is also important and is threatened by their hybridisation with feral domestic dogs on the mainland.

Key strategies for reducing impacts on livestock industries are recommended by the authors who are scientific experts on wild dog management. These strategies are illustrated by case studies and decision-making frameworks.

Author Fleming P, Corbett L, Harden R and Thomson P
Date null
Year 2001
Place published City
Publisher Bureau of Rural Sciences
Institution Bureau of Rural Sciences
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Region Australia - national