Invasive alien species in New Zealand: legislative requirements

New Zealand has unique and ancient biota, arising from 60 million years of isolation. Most plants and animals are native; there are 2,200 native plants, but no native land mammals. The first humans arrived 1000 years ago. After the first Europeans arrived 200 years ago, land clearing began and non-native animals and plants were introduced.

Prior to 1988, New Zealand’s legislation only addressed known pests. The Plants Act 1970 and the Animals Act 1967 were mainly focused on diseases and made no provision for the environmental effects of invasive alien species (IAS). The environmental impacts on non-native animals have only considered since 1990.

Major changes were made to New Zealand’s legal framework during the 1990s. The key instruments currently relevant to IAS are outlined below.

Author Moeed, A.
Date 15/10/2002
Year 2002
Secondary title Prevention and management of invasive alien species
Place published Conference Location
Publisher The Global Invasive Species Programme
Pages 54-56
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