Improving Vegetation Conservation & Management Through Goat Control

Loss of native vegetation used for pastoralism & disturbance of sensitive soils & land systems occurring due to uncontrolled grazing by feral goats. A coordinated action by groups of landholders is needed. A coordinator needs to develop long term strategies for control of feral goats; provide demonstrations & encouragement as added incentive for landowners to jointly tackle the goat problem; monitor effectiveness & impact of goat control programs. Aerial surveys, musters, ground shoots, aerial shoots, trapping on waters. A set of trap yards to be purchased, to remain property of the soil board for use in the area.

Author Marree District, Gawler Ranges, Northern Flinders & North East Soil Boards
Year 1994
Volume 01/01/1994 - 01/12/1996
Control method Integrated Pest Management
Region SA