A Review of the Impact and Control of Cane Toads in Australia with Recommendations for Future Research and Management Approaches

The National Cane Toad Taskforce was formed in September 2004 as a subcommittee of the Vertebrate Pests Committee. This resulted from a request from the Northern Territory Minister for the Environment to the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council (NRMMC) that a national task force be set up to coordinate a
response to the threat from cane toads. The NRMMC requested that the Taskforce produce a report that would:
• REVIEW the current threat posed by cane toads
• REVIEW the states of research into developing tools to abate those threats
• IDENTIFY any gaps in current approaches
• ASSESS costs and benefits of options for priority joint national action.

This document reports on the impacts of the cane toad; short-term or local control; long-term or widespread control; management and recommendations for future research.

Author The National Cane Toad Taskforce. Edited by Robert Taylor and Glenn Edwards
Date 2005-06-01
Year 2005
Publisher Vertebrate Pests Committee
Institution Vertebrate Pests Committee
Pages 116
ISBN/ISSN ISBN 0724548629
Region Australia - national
Documents Cane Toad Review