Immunocontraceptive vaccines for control of fertility in the European Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

This paper describes the strategies being employed in the development of an immunocontraceptive vaccine using sperm antigens, to control fox populations in Australia. It is proposed that such a vaccine will be delivered orally in a bait, thereby ultimately stimulating a mucosal immune response within the female reproductive tract. The eventual success in producing such a vaccine requires the identification of gamete antigens that cause immunological infertility, a detailed understanding of the reproductive immunology of foxes, and the selection of the most effective form of antigen delivery system.

Author Bradley, M. P.
Date 1993-10-26
Year 1993
Secondary title Contraception in wildlife management: APHIS Technical Bulletin No. 1853
Place published Denver, Colorado
Publisher Denver Wildlife Research Centre
Pages 9
Control method Fertility Control
Region Australia - national