Immuno-contraceptive control for carp

The European carp, Cyprinus carpio, also introduced in the mid 1800s, is present in many of the river systems of Australia, including the waterways of the Murray-Darling Basin. It is widely viewed as a major pest, although its impact on the river systems and their flora and fauna has not been demonstrated unequivocally.

Outlined below are some of the issues which must be considered before fertility control of carp could be adopted. We consider the relevant attributes of immuno-contraception, the potential methods for compromising the fertility of carp and the options for delivery systems.

Author Hinds, L. A. and Pech, R. P.
Date 1996-10-22
Year 1996
Secondary title Controlling carp: exploring the options for Australia
Volume Chapter 8
Place published Albury
Publisher CSIRO Land and Water
Pages 108-118
ISBN/ISSN ISBN 0 643 05883 4
Control method Fertility Control
Region Australia - national