Home range and habitat use of free-ranging Przewalski horses at Hustai National Park, Mongolia

Przewalski horses (Equus ferus przewalskii), also known as takhi, were first re-introduced to the wild in Hustai National Park, Mongolia, in 1994. Since then the number of free harems increased to a maximum of seven; there are currently six (October 2000). The size of the home range of each of the harems changed among years and among seasons. The horses tended to settle in a home range close to where they were released although they explored the surrounding area. The use of the habitat within each home range changed through the day, with the horses grazing in the valleys during the morning and evening, and moving to higher places to stand rest and use as a refuge from heat and flies during the middle of the day. Range establishment and area, as well as habitat use are discussed.

Author S. R. B. King
Year 2002
Secondary title Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Volume 78