Hatepe trial: Comparison of ground and aerial Tb vector control methods

The operational effectiveness (including standardised cost per hectare and timeframes to complete) of controlling possums to meet Animal Health Board specified Residual Trap Catch Index (RTCI) performance targets using a range of modern control methods were compared at Clements Road in the northern Kaimanawa Forest Park during the winter of 2003.

The control methods compared included: application of 1080 baits via bait stations (pre-fed); application of cholecalciferol (FeraCol®) baits in bait bags (pre-fed); encapsulated potassium cyanide (Feratox®) and trapping; contractors choice of ground control method (Feratox®, trapping and dogs); and application of aerial 1080 baits (pre-fed).

Author Campbell Speedy
Date 2003-12-01
Year 2003
Secondary title Epro Research Report
Publisher Epro Ltd.
Pages 53
Control method Baiting
Region NZ
Links https://www.ahb.org.nz/NR/rdonlyres/D86FEEE4-FA9C-4F1D-A6EC-6F519015D001/115/R80597Hatepetrial.pdf