Gynandromorphism in Trichosurus vulpecula

The food preferences of a population of opossums in 4.4 ha of lowland broadleaf/podocarp forest were studied for 4 years by faecal analysis. A survey and phenological records were made of the vegetation to compare foods eaten with foods available. Metrosideros robusta and Weinmannia racemosa contributed 60% to the leaf diet, and were being defoliated and killed by opossums. Metrosideros fulgens and Ripogonum scandens, both lianes, together contributed 15% to the leaf diet but were eaten seasonally. About 10 other species contributed small amounts. Flowers, flower buds, fruit, seeds, bark, and petiole made up about 35% of the total diet. Compared with their status in the same area 30 years ago, Fuchsia excorticata, Alectryon excelsus, Pseudopanax arboreum, Myrsine salicina, and Coriaria arborea are now rare or localised and of much less consequence in the diet

Author Gilmore, D.P.
Year 1966
Secondary title Australian Journal of Science
Volume 28
Number 3