Livestock Guardian Dog/Wild Dog Interaction Study

Lead researcher: Dr Lee Allen, Biosecurity/QDPI Robert Wicks Pest Animal Research Centre,


To understand how guardian dogs work; provide information on how best to use guardian dogs as a wild dog management tool, and; give confidence to livestock producers considering the acquisition of guardian animals.


  1. Investigate the spatial and temporal movements of maremma guardian dogs in relation to sheep and adjacent wild dogs and, specifically, the degree to which guardian dogs and wild dogs intermix, whether they coexist or occupy exclusive areas.
  2. Evaluate the relative abundance of meso-predators and macropods (potential over- abundant native wildlife) with and without guardian dogs.
  3. Assess if there is any interbreeding between guardian dogs and wild dogs.
  4. Recommend best practice guardian dog management for inclusion in Guardian Dog Manual, Leading sheep website, and ’Beefy and the beast’ newsletters.

This project was funded under the Australian Pest Animal Research Program (APARP).
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Final report: Livestock Guardian Dog/Wild Dog Interaction Study [ 2Mb PDF ]

Author Australian Pest Animal Research Program (APARP)
Secondary Author Lee Allen
Year 2010
Volume 2009-10
Institution Biosecurity / QDPI