Guard animals for livestock protection: existing and potential use in Australia

This is a review on livestock guarding dogs in Australia, including a summarised telephone survey. Issues that are covered include history, current uses, associated problems, use of alternative guarding species such as alpacas, lamas, and donkeys; and management implications. Conclusions reached for the future management of livestock guarding animals (LGA) include the need for a controlled field evaluation of all species and breeds available in Australia; the need for cost-benefit analyses and analyses of non-financial benefits; preparation of an informative extension publication on training and maintenance; the need for a comprehensive register of breeders of all species, and a list of competitive trainers; and the need for accurate assessment of the financial and social impacts on producers and the livestock industry, arising from wild dog and fox predation.

Author Jenkins, D.
Date null
Year 2003
Place published City
Publisher NSW Agriculture
Pages 46
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ISBN/ISSN 0 7347 1545 5
Region NSW