An Act that is designed to help control feral animals including the introduced species of foxes, rabbits, pigs, goats, dogs (other than dingo), cats and hares, as well as help manage introduced game species such as deer, pheasant, partridge, peafowl, turkey and California quail. Another major objective of the Act is promote responsible and orderly hunting of these animals. Game Council NSW was formed in 2004 to implement the objectives of the Act. This new statutory authority reports directly to the NSW Minister for Primary Industries and includes representation from the hunting fraternity, Rural Lands Protection Boards, Department of Lands, State Forests, NSW Aboriginal Land Council, Australian Veterinary Association and wildlife management scientists.

Author Government of NSW
Year 2002
Place published Australia
Publisher Government of NSW
Pages 45
Notes contact: Nikki Tremain Public Relations Manager GAME COUNCIL of NSW Ph: 61 2 6360 5103 / 0429 991 824 PO Box 2506, ORANGE NSW Australia 2800
Control method Shooting
Region NSW