Foxes, North Stradbroke Island, QLD

Foxes caught on North Stradbroke Island, Qld, using padded foot traps with a GPS alarm system for instant notification. Another fox was also seen along a trail leading to the next beach and a third on the beach whilst checking traps. As well as inland trapping on the island, trapping is also carried out along the foreshore where foxes and feral cats very regularly dig up Turtle nests and pick off migratory sea birds sheltering of an evening. Images courtesy Michael Dickinson, 2009.

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Author Michael Dickinson
Secondary Author Michael Dickinson
Date 29/04/2009
Year 2009
Secondary title MD_NStradbroke1.jpg; MD_NStradbroke2.jpg; MD_NStradbroke3.jpg; MD_NStradbroke4.jpg; MD_NStradbroke5.jpg
Edition jpg
Place published Image Location
Institution Australian Wildlife & Feral Management
Pages 314 dpi
Notes Notes
Control method Trapping
Region QLD