Foxes – Integrated fox control

This Landcare Note (#LCO302) provides advice on integrated fox control.
Often fox control work is undertaken as a reaction after fox damage has occurred. Carrying out preventative control work prior to predation especially lambing may be a more effective option. Preventative control should be viewed as an investment not an expense.
Although studies indicate little evidence to support the view of the fox as an important predator of livestock, it cannot be denied that individual farmers or particular agricultural areas sometimes suffer heavy lamb losses because of the activity of a few “rogue” or “killer” foxes.
In some situations it has been found that foxes will reduce lamb marking percentages by up to 25% to 30%.

Author Horner, A. and Platt, S.
Date null
Year 2007
Publisher Department of Primary Industries, VIC
Pages 3
Notes Notes
Control method Integrated Pest Management
Region VIC