Field assessment of electric fencing to reduce fence damage by the common wombat Vombatus ursinus

In a field trial, common wombats were found to be effectively excluded from crossing an experimental electric fence barrier. The incidence of damage to this experimental fence was significantly less than for an un-electrified fence which served as a control. Observations of individual wombats and their responses to the electric fence suggested that they were aversively conditioned to avoid the fence within a few days. This learned behaviour appeared to be retained for an extended period. Electric fencing shows potential as a means of preventing common wombats from damaging fences. It offers a practical, humane and more cost-effective means of reducing many wombat pest activities than destructive techniques which are commonly used.

Author Marks, C.A.
Date null
Year 1998
Secondary title Wombats
Place published City
Publisher Surrey Beatty and Sons, Chipping Norton
Pages 298-304
Notes Notes
Control method Fencing
Region VIC