Feral future: the untold story of Australia’s exotic invaders

A decade ago, Tim Low journeyed to the remote northernmost tip of Australia. Instead of the pristine rainforests he expected, he found jungles infested with Latin American carpet grass and feral cattle. That incident helped inspire “Feral Future”, a passionate account of the history and implications of invasive species in that island nation, with consequences for ecological communities around the globe. Australia is far from alone in facing horrific ecological and economic damage from invading plants and animals, and in Low’s capable hands, Australia’s experiences serve as a wake-up call for all of us. He covers how invasive species like cane toads and pond apple got to Australia (often through misguided but intentional introductions) and what we can do to stop them. He also covers the many pests that Australia has exported to the world, including the paperbark tree (“Melaleuca”) that infests hundreds of thousands of acres of south Florida.

Author Low, T.
Year 2002
Publisher University of Chicago Press
Pages 394
ISBN/ISSN 0226494195
Region Australia - national
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