Feral Animals in Australia

Australia’s native plants and animals adapted to life on an isolated continent over millions of years. Since European settlement they have had to compete with a range of introduced animals for habitat, food and shelter. Some have also had to face new predators. These new pressures have also caused a major impact on our country’s soil and waterways and on its native plants and animals.

Feral animals of significant concern include

Cane toad – Bufo marinus
European wild rabbit – Oryctolagus cuniculus
European red fox – Vulpes vulpes
Feral camel – Camelus dromedarius
Feral cat – Felis catus
Feral goat – Capra hircus
Feral horse – Equus caballus and Feral donkey (Equus asinus)
Feral pig – Sus scrofa
Feral water buffalo – Bubalus bubalis

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