Evaluation of fencing to control feral pig movement

Eight fence designs with and without electrification were tested for their ability to stop feral pigs crossing from one paddock to another.Fences of 8:80: 15 hingejoints were pig-proof, whereas fences of 6:70:30 hingejoint or plain wires allowed some pigs to cross. Electrification of the fences significantly reduced the frequency of pig movement through fences to as little as 6.3% of test pigs. The behaviour offeral pigs relative to the fences and their implications are described.

Author Hone, J. and Atkinson, B.
Date null
Year 1983
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 10
Number 3
Pages 499-505
Notes Notes
Control method Fencing
Region NSW
Links https://www.publish.csiro.au/nid/144/paper/WR9830499.htm