Evaluation of a Warfarin Poisoning Programme for Feral Pigs (Sus scrofa)

An evaluation of a warfarin poisoning programme to control feral pigs was carried out on agricultural land in eastern Australia between July and September, 1987. The estimated total population before the poisoning programme was 189 pigs within the 94.4 km2 study area. Poisoned and free-fed bait was offered initially at 69 sites and over a period of 57 days. Only two pregnant sows were believed to have survived the programme which was equivalent to a 98.9% reduction. As a result of breeding and re-invasion a further 38 pigs were removed in the 12 months after the control programme. Cost of initial control was $A39 per pig while cost of maintenance control was $A47 per pig.

Author Saunders, G., Kay, B. and Parker, B.
Date null
Year 1990
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 17
Number 5
Pages 525-533
Notes Notes
Control method Baiting
Region Australia - national
Links https://www.publish.csiro.au/nid/144/paper/WR9900525.htm