Eradication of Pacific rats (Rattus exulans) from Tiritiri Matangi Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

Tiritiri Matangi Island (220 ha) is 25 km north of Auckland City in the Hauraki Gulf. Pacific rats, or kiore, (Rattus exulans) were probably introduced to this island between 1100 and 1800 A. D. The impacts of Pacific rats on this ecosystem are not known, but from studies at other locations they were presumed to be detrimental to natural processes. Until 1984 the natural ecosystem was also degraded by removal of forest cover and pastoral farming. Restoration of the natural environment on this island began in 1984. Some 300,000 native trees have been planted and nine species of native bird translocated to the island. Pacific rats were removed in September 1993 with use of an aerial application of Talon 20P rodent bait. Specific actions were taken during this operation to protect identified potential non-target species where the population was considered at risk. Monitoring methods following the operation are described. There has been no rat sign found since the aerial operation.

Author Veitch, C. R.
Year 2002
Secondary title International Conference on Eradication of Island Invasives
Publisher IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group
Pages 360-364
Control method Baiting
Region NZ