Eradication of Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) and house mouse (Mus musculus) from Browns Island (Motukorea), Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

Brown Island (60 ha) is located within the Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand. Mice (Mus musculus) were on this island for an unknown period. Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) were first recorded in the late 1980s when their burrows were observed to be damaging archaeological sites. An eradication operation was organised using donated materials and helicopter services. A single application of Wanganui No. 7 bait loaded with bromadiolone at 20ppm was applied by helicopter at a nominal rate of 10 kg/ha in September 1995. One mouse was trapped 19 days after the poison drop but there has been no sign of rodents since. Bait stations placed to intercept possible new arrivals are also used for ongoing monitoring.

Author Veitch, C. R.
Year 2002
Secondary title International Conference on Eradication of Island Invasives
Publisher IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group
Pages 350-352
Control method Baiting
Region NZ