Enjoying both your cat and your wildlife

Do you have a warm and furry companion purring on your lap asyou read this? Good. What follows has been written for cat-owners who appreciate the natural environment but who are equally attached to a feline friend. Any meaningful discussion about cats and the environment must include both feral and domestic animals because in reality one can become the other.

Evidence of wildlife losses caused by cats, through hunting and the spread of disease, is mounting as the findings of more studies are reported. Some peoples may feel exposed to criticism and even derision because of their cat and its effect on wildlife, but there is positive news for beleaguered owners and their pets. Some simple and sensible steps will remove the threat to wildlife.

Author Barrett, M.
Date 2002-03-01
Year 2002
Secondary title Land for Wildlife Note No. 16
Number 16
Publisher Land for Wildlife
Pages 4
Region Australia - national
Links https://www.epa.qld.gov.au/publications/p00267aa.pdf/Enjoying_both_your_cat_and_your_wildlife.pdf