‘Engaging with communities: Practitioner profiles’ – Lisa Adams

Meet the people involved in engaging communities in pest animal and natural resource management.

Find out why they are passionate about making sure all Australians have the right knowledge and tools to ensure best practice pest animal control.


Being a facilitator comes with the responsibility of finding value in all forms of knowledge that stakeholders bring to the table. Lisa Adams values different perspectives and takes them into account while addressing critical environmental and public health issues. Lisa views herself as a perpetual student, constantly seeking new information and adjusting her approaches. She came to appreciate the criticality of local knowledge while facilitating workshops in Southeast Asia. This was a formative experience for Lisa, even though the organisation she worked with did not integrate the community members’ ideas. In her subsequent work on rabbit management in Victoria, she made sure that all stakeholders were heard, respected and included. She explains that her initial lack of knowledge about rabbits was actually advantageous, because it forced her to rely on local knowledge even more profoundly than previous positions had. Adams’ powerful dedication to democratic and participatory community engagement is the centre of her philosophy on problem solving and innovation.

Lisa Adams is Biosecurity Consultant at Lisa Adams and Associates.