Elliston Sheringa Tooligie Rabbit Control Demonstration Project

Rabbits are a major cause of land degradation in hard limestone grazing country of Elliston-Sheringa-Tooligie area; production lost & regeneration of native vegetation inhibited. Many farmers discouraged. Series of demonstration sites to show 1st-hand rabbit-damage.

The objective of this project is to increase the level of effective rabbit control activity in the area, with consequent benefits to productivity & the environment

Author Elliston LeHunte Animal and Plant Control Board
Year 1993
Volume 12/01/1993 - 30/06/96
Notes https://www.affa.gov.au/docs/nrm/landcare/pub/guide/indexes/key98.html
Region SA
Links https://www.affa.gov.au/docs/nrm/landcare/pub/guide/database/db932031.html