Dune Reclamation

There are several thousand hectares of severely eroded cropland in the Walpeup Shire Landcare Project. The majority of this area occurs on the sand dunes which have suffered major wind erosion since settlement and subsequent clearing of native vegetation. Inappropriate tillage practices, overgrazing by sheep and rabbits and drought have all played a part in rendering these areas unsuitable for further production due to mass movement of the soil by wind.

This project will facilitate reclamation and stabilisation of many of these sites by farmers. The project will allow the group to purchase a specialised item of equipment which, at low cost, will enable each farmer to shape and level eroded dunes. The project will also provide funds to demonstrate to farmers how to use the implement and co-ordinate usage. The project will provide an important focus for the Walpeup Shire Landcare project and encourage co-operation amongst members.

Author Walpeup Shire Landcare Group
Year 1992
Volume 01/01/1992 - 30/01/1995
Notes https://www.affa.gov.au/docs/nrm/landcare/pub/guide/indexes/key194.html
Region SA
Links https://www.affa.gov.au/docs/nrm/landcare/pub/guide/database/db930261.html