Distribution and abundance of pest animals in Western Australia : a survey of institutional knowledge

Data on the distribution and abundance of selected pest animals were obtained for the state of Western Australia. We used institutional knowledge from the Department of Agriculture (DAWA) and the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) to acquire this important information.

A two-part survey process was used to capture knowledge in 104 face-to-face interviews. The first part of the survey was a questionnaire designed to capture local-area information about pest animals. The second part of the survey, a mapping exercise, was designed to capture information about the distribution and abundance of specific pest animals. The key to the mapping exercise was a set of clear abundance definitions. These nationally recognised definitions enable clear local, regional, state and national comparability of data.

Author Andrew P. Woolnough, Garry S. Gray, Tim J. Lowe, Winifred E. Kirkpatrick, Ken Rose and Gary R. Martin
Year 2005
Publisher Department of Agriculture, Western Australia
Institution Department of Agriculture, Western Australia
Pages 204
ISBN/ISSN 0-9758078-0-3
Region WA