Diet overlap between kokako and the common brushtail possum in central North Island, New Zealand

The food habits of the kokako (Callaeas cinerea wilsoni), and common brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) were studied in two areas of lowland forest at Pureora and Mapara, in Central North Island, New Zealand, to see if there was any dietary overlap. At Pureora, leaves, flowers or fruit from 9 of the 18 most common plant species ( 2m) were eaten by both kokako and possum. At Mapara, kokako and possums shared 5 of the 16 most common plant species. Other studies of possum diet in New Zealand have shown that leaves, flowers or fruit of many of the other more common plant species at both Pureora and Mapara are eaten by possums suggesting that there may be an even greater potential for dietary overlap than that shown in this study

Author Fitzgerald, A.E.
Secondary Author Smith, A.P.; Hume, I.D.
Year 1984
Secondary title Possums and Gliders
Place published Chipping Norton, N.S.W.
Publisher Surrey Beatty & Sons and Australian Mammal Society
Pages 569-573