Development and testing of attractants for feral cats, Felis catus L.

As part of a programme to improve feral-cat control and eradication techniques, various odours were tested as candidate lures. They included food odours (fish oils), social odours (urine and its components, anal-sac secretions and commercial wild-animal lures) and plant materials (catnip, matatabi and their essential oils). Pen bioassay experiments used a preference procedure on captive feral and domestic cats to compare the time spent investigating the odours and the number of cats visiting each odour. Field trials at rubbish dumps used scent stations to assess cat activity. Catnip and matatabi were the most promising candidate lures in both the pen bioassay and the field trials. Future directions for lure developments are suggested.

Author Clapperton, B. K., Eason, C. T., Weston, R. J., Woolhouse, A. D. and Morgan, D. R.
Date null
Year 1994
Secondary title Wildlife Research
Volume 21
Number 4
Pages 389-399
Notes Notes
Region NZ