Developing Feral Goat Eradication Technology

Total grazing pressure must be controlled if rehabilitation efforts are to have any result. Reseeding of damaged areas and mechanical regeneration techniques are eaten out if grazing cannot be controlled. Feral goat numbers and distribution have been growing rapidly in the last two years, with goats being seen in large numbers in places where they have never been seen previously. Estimates of the feral goat population range from 500,000 to 1,500,00 in Western Australia alone. The feral goat problem must be addressed effectively and logically in the near future to ensure the future of the rangelands.

This project is crucial to the planning of an effective campaign to eradicate uncontrolled feral goats, to remove their grazing pressures and to stop the damage they do to Western Australia’s arid rangelands.

Author Kalgoorie Landcare
Year 1992
Control method Trapping
Region WA