Developing a cane toad biological control

The Cane Toad Project has progress well over the current reporting period.

The milestones to be met during the current reporting period were:

2002.1 – Continuing maintenance and breeding of cane toads on demand (ongoing)
2002.2 – Retest cell culture passaged BIV for attenuation in Litoria infrafrenata (Nov 2003)

2002.3 – Retest eif deleted BIV for attenuation in Litoria infrafrenata (Nov 2003)

2002.4 – Test attenuated BIV in cane toad tadpoles (Feb 2004)

2002.6 – Assess up to 3 other sites in BIV for the ability to carry foreign genes (Nov 2003)

2002.7 – Construct recombinant BIV carrying adult and/or tadpoles globin (Dec 2003)

2002.8 – Construct plasmids for making a recombinant lacking antibiotic resistance genes (Oct 2003)

2002.9 – Construct a recombinant lacking antibiotic resistance genes (Apr 2004)

2002.10 – Construct a cassette containing promoters suitable for expression of hairpin RNA (RNAi) (May 2004)

2002.12 – Five native frog species screened on current cane toad arrays and species-specific genes identified (July 2003 ? some elements of the analysis carried over into the current reporting period)

2002.13 – Subtracted cDNA cane toad library created and evaluated (Sep 2003 ? not reported on in previous reporting period)

2002.14 – Subtracted library amplified, purified and spotted on micro-array (Jan 2004)

2002.15 – Subtracted library hybridized and development targets identified (May 2004)

2002.16 – RNAi feasibility experiments conducted (May 2004)

Author Robinson, T., Hyatt, A., and Pallister, J.
Date null
Year 2006
Secondary title Project report for the period January 2003 ? June 2004
Place published City
Publisher Department of the Environment and Water Resources
Institution CSIRO
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Control method Biological Control
Region Australia - national