Current practices in sequential use of possum baits

Many methods are currently used in sustaining control of possum population. The effectiveness of these methods is likely to depend on: habitat; season; climate; topography and size of the ecosystem; the quality management systems used during planning; selection of baits; procedures used during implementation of an operation; and levels of residual shyness associated with previous sub-lethal poisonings. The use of some methodologies for control of possums are constrained because they present an unacceptable risk to non-target species, a risk to human health, or because of public dissent. This report reviews possum control methods as practised currently on conservation lands, and provides a literature review on control strategies.

Author Henderson, R. J., O'Connor, C. E. and Morgan, D. R.
Date null
Year 1999
Secondary title Department of Conservation Technical Series 22
Place published City
Publisher Department of Conservation
Pages 66
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ISBN/ISSN ISSN 1172-6873 / ISBN 0-478-21866-4
Control method Baiting
Region NZ