Costing the impacts of invasive animals

In 2004, the Pest Animal Control Cooperative Research Centre commissioned a ?triple-bottom-line? report on the economic, environmental and social impacts of invasive vertebrates in Australia. Counting the Cost: Impact of Invasive Animals in Australia, 2004 (McLeod 2004) was designed to provide the basis for setting priorities for investment and outcomes for the succeeding Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IA CRC). The techniques applied in the report used existing but conservative estimates of the impacts of 11 major introduced pests. The impacts of these invasive animals on Australian agriculture and the environment were estimated by providing a national perspective, and totalled around $720 million.

The IA CRC is considering updating and expanding the Counting the Cost report. This workshop was held to highlight:
? gaps in current knowledge relating to impact assessment
? areas in which assessments can be improved
? potential techniques and indicators for assessing and reporting impacts.

Author Andrew Norris, Wendy Henderson, Stuart McMahon and Elaine Murphy
Date null
Year 2006
Secondary title Invasive Animals CRC workshop on social, economic and environmental impacts of invasive animals
Place published Conference Location
Publisher Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
Pages 43 pp
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