Cost of pest animals in NSW and Australia – 2013/14

A number of studies have estimated the economic impact of pest animals. McLeod (2004) calculated nationwide annual losses for agricultural industries of $336 million in 2004. This was subsequently updated by Gong et al (2009) who estimated the
production loss costs of foxes, rabbits, wild dogs and feral pigs to be $285 million. The inclusion of damage by native and introduced birds by Gong et al (2009) resulted in an estimated Australian pest animal production loss valuation of around $600 million per year.


Prices for agricultural products have changed since the last major report on impact was released in 2009, as has the distribution and production losses inflicted by major pest animals. This study provides an update of the NSW and Australia-wide
annual production loss costs and expenditures by governments and landholders on pest animal management for 2013-14. Foxes, wild dogs, feral pigs, introduced birds (starlings), rabbits, goats and pest fish (carp) are included in the report.

Losses for carp are estimated for a lowered value of recreational fishing quality, whereas production losses for other pests are valued as net losses in output borne by wool, sheep-meat, beef, viticulture and broad acre cropping enterprises in NSW and
across Australia. The impacts of feral deer are discussed in the final chapter of the report, however, impacts are not quantified in economic terms.

Many of the assumptions used in this update are derived from the Gong et al (2009) study, however, price and production data are sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for 2013-14. Data used to calculate impacts are included in sections for each of the pests included in the study. High, average and low impact scenarios are provided for guidance as to the likely range of pest animal cost impacts.

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Secondary title Cost of Pest Animals in NSW and Australia, 2013-14
Author McLeod, R
Year 2016
Publisher eSYS development Pty Ltd
Institution Report prepared for the NSW Natural Resources Commission.
Documents McLeod, R. (2016). Cost of Pest Animals in NSW and Australia, 2013-14. eSYS Development Pty Ltd, 2016. Report prepared for the NSW Natural Resources Commission.