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  • Marcus Pickett Ecological Services - Small-scale vertebrate pest management using ground-based shooting, principally in the Mount Lofty Ranges and nearby areas of South Australia, focussing on feral animal control (chiefly feral goats and feral deer) […]
  • B.A.M. Pest Animal Control - We provide pest management plans and pest control programs tailored to suit each individual situation. Services we offer are: survey’s, shooting, trapping, Ferreting, baiting, possum proofing, bird proofing, domestic cat […]
  • SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management (SA) Inc - C&WM members are passionate about preserving Australia’s natural heritage, and have been actively involved in controlling feral and pest animals since 1992. Through this role we have provided land managers […]
  • O’Malley Pest & Weed Control - O’Malley Pest & Weed Control is a Murray Bridge based pest control business experienced in the control of Vertebrate pests (Rabbits, Foxes, Birds etc) Insect pests and plant pests by […]
  • Australian Feral Animal Control and Management Services Pty. Ltd. - Australian Feral Animal Control and Managements Services Pty. Ltd. has created a Co-Operative scheme to help farmers with the cost of Feral Animal management. We have a data system that […]
  • B&C Ballistics - Offer a service of cage trapping and shooting feral cats and shooting all vertebrate feral pests (as per legislation)
  • Wild Science - Wildlife Consultancy and Management Specialists, specialising in feral animal management
  • SSAA Farmer Assist Program - Program to enable farmers with wildlife management issues to seek the assistance of volunteer shooters.
  • Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin - Natural Resources SA MDB work closely with land managers to find ways of reducing the number of pests, help restore native biodiversity and reduce losses in the agricultural industry.

We aim to provide contact details of agencies, organisations and groups that are active in pest animal management and can provide people with services, useful advice or assistance – both at policy and practical on-ground levels. If you would like your group or agency listed, please [ CLICK HERE ] to fill out the form and submit your details.

Last updated: December 24, 2015