Comparison of red deer and possum diets and impacts in podocarp-hardwood forest, Waihaha Catchment, Pureora Conservation Park

The impacts of the two most widespread introduced herbivores in New Zealand (red deer and possums) were investigated to compare the relative importance of arboreal and terrestrial browsers, and to determine the likely relationships between pest density and their impacts. The study was conducted between 1990 and 1993 in podocarp-hardwood forest west of Lake Taupo, where the density, diet, and forage use of the two species was quantified and compared with quantitative estimates of forest composition, forage availability and production, and stem diameter and seedling height distributions.

Author Nugent, G., Fraser, K. W. and Sweetapple, P. J.
Date null
Year 1997
Secondary title Science for Conservation
Volume 50
Publisher Department of Conservation
Pages 63
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN 1173-2946 / 0-478-01898-3
Region NZ