Comparative Dose-response Relationships and Acceptability of Warfarin, Brodifacoum and Phosphorus to Feral Pigs

The oral toxicity and acceptability of warfarin, brodifacoum and phosphorus to captive feral pigs were assessed in dose-response studies and preference tests. The LD50 and LD90 (with 95% fiducial limits) for these toxins ingested in wheat bait were: warfarin (two consecutive doses separated by 24 h) LD50 2.9 mg kg-1 (l.8-5.2), LD90 6.1 mg kg-1 (3.9-54.3); brodifacoum LD50 0.52 mg kg-1 (0.17-1.2), LD90 1.84 mg kg-1 (0.91-45.6); and phosphorus LD50 5.3 mg kg-1 (3.4-6.5, LD90 9.3 mg kg--1 (7.4-18.9). For warfarin, the single dose LD90 exceeded 20 mg kg-1. Median time from toxin ingestion until death was: warfarin (1 dose) 7 days (range 6-31); warfarin (2 doses) 7 days (4-10); brodifacoum 8 days (4-11); and phosphorus 2 days (0.25-4).

Author O'Brian, P. H. and Lukins, B. S.
Date null
Year 1990
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 17
Number 2
Pages 101-112
Notes Notes
Control method Baiting
Region Australia - national