Commercial Harvesting of Kangaroos in Australia

This document builds upon and replaces a previous Background Document by the Australian Nature Conservation Agency (now Environment Australia), written in 1992 and revised in 1995 Revised April 1999 (Version 99/1), Updated on internet on August 1999. “Commercial Harvesting of Kangaroos in Australia”, has been prepared to provide background information against which the individual State Management Programs can be read and evaluated. It provides a generalised summary of information about Australia’s kangaroos and outlines the land degradation and sustainable use contexts in which State and Federal Governments approve and regulate annual harvest regimes. The aim of this report has been to provide a review of relevant kangaroo biology, concepts involved in kangaroo management and the policies and regulations under which harvests are undertaken.

Author Tony Pople and Gordon Grigg
Date null
Year 1999
Place published City
Publisher Department of Zoology, The University of Queenslan
Institution Department of Zoology, The University of Queenslan
Department Department of the Environment and Water Resources
Notes Notes
Control method Harvest
Region Australia - national