Celebrating the life of a true wild dog control advocate


Members of the National Wild Dog Action Plan stakeholder group have joined their voices in celebrating the life of Michele Jackson who recently passed away from an ongoing battle with cancer.
Michele was instrumental in the development of a national approach to wild dog management within Australia, which resulted in the National Wild Dog Action Plan being implemented in 2014.

She remained committed to the cause even after stepping down as the Action Plan Manager in December 2015.
Geoff Power, Chair of the National Wild Dog Action Plan stakeholder group said she has left a legacy that she would have been proud of.
“Michele and I went back a long way, I was chair of Wool Producers when we initiated the National Wild Dog Action Plan and Michele was an integral part of that.

“it is now up to us to collectively build on what Michele created,” Mr Power said.

Duncan Fraser, Chair of the National Wild Dog Action Implementation Steering Committee (ISC) said he was most impressed with Michele’s knowledge of wild dog issues.

“Michele (and Jane Brownbill) asked me to take on the Chair role for the ISC in May 2014 and during this time I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michele, whose life was sadly cut short.

“It was a privilege to work with Michele –  a true professional,” Mr Fraser said.

Greg Mifsud, National Wild Dog Management Facilitator with the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre said Michele was a pillar of strength and worked tirelessly for the cause.
“Without her drive, passion and commitment to the action plan it would not have been developed in just 12 short months.
“We became very good friends and developed an extremely productive professional relationship that resulted in the plan being funded for the last three years. She was an extremely enthusiastic and passionate person who didn’t do things by halves and always put others first.
Michele was the ultimate campaigner for a coordinated, national approach to wild dog management.
Her passing has left a gap in the hearts of all the stakeholders involved in the National Wild Dog Action Plan, but has also made them more determined to see the legacy that she helped create, live on.

Featured image: Michele Jackson (pictured right), with Minister Barnaby Joyce and Jane Brownbill, launching the National Wild Dog Action Plan in 2015.