Carp surveys of the Logan and Albert Rivers Catchment, 2006-2009

CarpSurvey_coverIn 2006, a benchmarking fisheries assessment survey found that the Logan and Albert rivers catchment was heavily infested with carp. Benchmarking entailed electrofishing surveys at 28 sites across the catchment. The purpose was to document the status of carp and native fish species in the rivers before implementing carp management actions.

In 2007, research began into the cost effectiveness of a range of carp management strategies in parts of the catchment. As part of this research, we repeated electrofishing surveys at 18 of the 28 benchmarking sites in 2007. Heavy rains and a series of high-flow events prevented repeat sampling at the remaining ten sites. The repeated surveys were designed to detect changes in fish assemblages and habitat conditions due to both environmental variables and carp management actions. Treatment and control sites were sampled to assess the role of these factors.

In 2009, the research program on carp management strategies was completed and we assessed changes in the fish assemblages based on a final fisheries assessment survey. We electrofished at 17 sites encompassing areas where there had been intense carp removal, control areas where there had been no carp removal, and areas where carp had been removed in previous years. The survey results, presented in this report, detail the distribution, biomass and density of carp in the catchment and enable the impact of carp management activities to be assessed.

Secondary title PestSmart Toolkit - Carp
Author Andrew Norris, Keith Chilcott, Michael Hutchison and Danielle Stewart
Year 2011
Publisher Invasive Animals CRC
Department Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
Pages 31 pp
ISBN/ISSN Web ISBN: 978-1-921777-35-6
Control method Fishing
Region QLD
Documents Carp surveys of the Logan and Albert Rivers Catchment, 2006-2009 [ 770kb PDF ]
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